Piano Concerto in C by Okon┼čar
Solo Piano and Medium Orchestra

Concerto in C in Six Movements
for Solo Piano and Medium Orchestra (2020)

The Piano Concerto in C is actually a serial, twelve-tone piece. However the series were elaborated to emphasize a "gravity" center around C and creating "flavors" of major, minor and modal settings.

The main series and structural chords are as follows:

This is used with its transformations (retrograde, inverse and inverse-retrograde) in the first movement.

Remaining movements use variants of this tone-row. Those variants emphasize diminished/augmented fourths and fifths and minor/major third intervals.


1 Moderato mosso  [9:52]
2 Intermezzo I: Moderato (piano solo)  [3:08]
3 Moderato lento  [6:35]
4 Presto  [5:27]
5 Intermezzo II: Moderato (piano solo)  [3:07]
6 Moderato  [8:13]

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